A Long Overdue Update…

NaNoWriMo has wrapped up and I feel it’s now a perfect time to crawl out from underneath my rock and give a long awaited update.

Early on in the month a very significant shift in my career become far more imminent than I had anticipated (in sum, I’m being medically retired from the Navy) and so I made the conscious decision to quietly drop out of NaNoWriMo and focus on my personal and professional life.

A career change like this is a major stressor and I wanted to make sure I had my head completely in the game as I commenced my search for my next career. I had a lot of high hopes for my writing, but life had other plans. In good news, I feel like I am ready to come back on here with regular updates and articles about writing and my efforts as a writer.

I sincerely hope that everyone who stuck with NaNoWriMo got what they wanted out of the month and met their goals. I’m looking forward to hearing about how everyone’s projects progress in the coming weeks and months.

Now it’s time for me to get back on it. Happy writing!

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