Seven Days, Seven Posts

Ok, first things first, as promised here is my seventh post in as may days. Not the biggest accomplishment, I know, but nevertheless it was a goal I set for myself and I achieved it.

Don’t worry, there’s more to this post than me gloating.

It’s the last few days before NaNoWriMo kicks off. I’m finishing up as much prep/outlining as I can to try and make the writing itself as smooth as possible. One thing I’ve found with all this preparation is that I’m really feeling eager to get to the writing already.

If you’re like me and enjoy reading how-to books on writing and are prepping for NaNo I came across a great list by Sarah Nicolas. The books she put together cover everything from motivation/inspiration, reference, and technical guides for both the writing and the editing that comes after.

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of weekend. Happy writing!


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