Learning from Others

One of the things I like to do as a writer is spend time reading about how other writers practice their craft. I think a lot of valuable insights and inspiration can be found when we look to successful writers and learn their process.

Richard Nordquist at ThoughtCo. wrote a great post on some of the writing routines that a number of popular authors use to maintain their writing discipline. A theme that runs through most of this writerly device is developing and maintaining a writing routine.

A large part of why I started this website was to give myself something tangible to accomplish and publish out into the world on a daily (or nearly daily basis). So far it seems to be working. What I’m finding is that writing begets more writing. Once I finish these few paragraphs I feel energized and ready to tackle more creative work.

Reading about the habits and routines of other writers also helps me feel connected to a larger community of writers. Everyone trying to get the words on page in whatever way works best for them. Does anybody else have any writing routines they’d like to share?


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