Start Writing Now!

This is a great article at Being Author about one of the biggest reasons any of us, myself especially included, put off writing, i.e., self-doubt.

Procrastinating definitely comes natural to me and I’m a master at after the fact justification for why I didn’t get something done. It’s easy and I never fail when I don’t try. The reality, however, is that every, “Oh, that’s a great idea!” I jot down and never pursue is a real loss and I shouldn’t be so casual about letting it slip away.

Writing is difficult and not all of the ideas are good, but we’ll really never know unless we at least take the effort to flesh them out. There’s always a reason why I can’t do it, but one very good one for why I should; The only way to deal with that self-doubt is to face it head on and write.

Time to get to it.

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